How to connect to the earth? (Earthing / Grounding)

How to connect to the Earth or do Earthing / Grounding?

For thousands of years, man has always connected to the earth as a living being. Societies of the past were barefoot or wore shoes made from leather or skins that allowed the Earth's energy to rise in their bodies. They were connected.

Even today, one can live and experience the connection to the earth simply by sitting, standing or walking barefoot on the ground outside. For example, if you have premenstrual syndrome or arthritis pain or back pain or indigestion, or if you feel very tired, note your level of discomfort before touching the ground and after about half an hour. In the end, you'll feel better.

You will suddenly realize that there is indeed something remarkable on the ground under your feet, something you have missed all these years. A remarkable healing power. This shows that human beings have lost their electric roots, so to speak. They are disconnected, and this disconnection can be a neglected cause of human pain and discomfort and the increasing incidence of chronic diseases worldwide.

The connection to the Earth, also called Earthing or grounding, is one of the most natural and safe things you can do because the practice is timeless.

When time and schedule permit and you have access to nature, here are some ways to connect naturally to the earth:

- Swimming in the ocean
- Gardening with bare hands in the ground
- Lying on the ground in the grass
- Surrounding a living tree
- Relaxing against a living tree
- Sleeping on the ground while camping
- Walking barefoot on land, sand, grass, concrete

How to easily connect to the Earth every day at home?

When it is impossible to connect with the Earth directly or when you want to extend the contact with the Earth to benefit from its advantages, it is possible to use different products designed to connect to the Earth. So here are some different products that can be used to make Earthing, also called grounding or connection to earth.

Grounding / Earthing Universal Mat
  • The Earthing / Grounding Universal mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, under your desk with bare feet and even for sleeping.

Grounding / Earthing Grounded Silver Plush Pad Kit
  • This versatile product can be used in a chair to sit on or in bed to sleep on.
    It's also great for pets.
  • Earthing Silver Plush Pad made using the highest quality conductive silver fabric.

earthing mat
Grounding / Earthing Sleep Mat
  • The sleep mat allows you to be connected to the earth while you sleep.

Grounding /Earthing yoga mat
  • The Grounding / Earthing yoga mat is 100% PVC and latex free and can be used for meditation, yoga, sleeping, relaxing, etc.

Grounding / Earthing connection patch
  • Earthing connection patches are similar to ECG / EKG electrode patches commonly used by physicians for testing purposes. When used for Earthing, simply apply them to the skin on a part of the body where there is injury or pain.

More possibilities!

Depending on your needs and to fully enjoy the benefits of Grounding / Earthing, there are also various other products that allow connection to the Earth, (also called grounding), such as blankets, pillowcases, shoes, etc.

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