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In this page, you will find information on the Komuso Shift which is a simple but revolutionary tool to help you breathe better, manage your stress better while helping you calm down.

Inspired by Japanese monks, the Komuso Shift is an alternative designed by a therapist to slow down your breathing. What distinguishes this natural tool, as it is not related to medication, is that it is effective and has many benefits.


The Komuso Shift helps you control your breathing to :

- Decrease cortisol, the stress hormone.
- Slow down your heart rate.
- Lower your blood pressure.
- Relax your muscles.



How to use the Shift

Watch this short video created by one of the founders of Komuso to discover its use and its effectiveness:

Why do I need a breathing tool?

Everything in our daily lives moves fast and we all tend to forget the simplest and most natural things, like breathing. In addition to being a beautiful, the Komuso Shift is your physical reminder to breathe. Here is a video from Dr. Daryl on how he uses the Shift in his daily life:


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