Menopause Transformation, History by Laura Koniver, MD

In this post, you will find the story about menopause from a Laura Koniver patient who practices general medicine in Charleston, South Carolina. Earthing has proven to be the best natural and hormone-free treatment for this patient to dramatically improve her menopause difficulties.

Laura Koniver, MD

I have seen over and over how simply touching the Earth dramatically changes lives, but a recent patient of mine may have had the most dramatic transformation I’ve seen yet. She is a 53-year-old menopausal female who came to me because she was anxious, tired, and burnt out, unable to sleep, moody, and unmotivated. She had tried everything from hormone therapy to antidepressants to raw food and juicing. Nothing seemed to really make her feel like herself again. She felt very frustrated with conventional medicine and disappointed with alternative medicine.
She turned to me for an intuitive reading on what was going on with her body. I found that her mind was overworking and overanalyzing everything in her life without pause, effectively preventing creative and comforting energy to arise and flow through her body.

My prescription was grounding. Simple as that. She just absolutely needed to be in a state that would promote and allow a transition. I believe there is nothing more powerful than the Earth for this. The great transition of menopause is only truly navigable if you are supported by the Earth. Women are meant to be intimately tied to the Earth and there is no time in a woman’s life where this becomes more obvious than during the hormonal upheaval of menopause. The Earth is a woman’s comfort, healing, and salvation as the winds of menopause blast through. Without grounding, women can feel wired, frazzled, unsupported, depressed, and anxious. With the Earth firmly anchoring our bodies, relieving the inflammation and stabilizing our hormones as we make this transition, the journey through becomes deeper and more meaningful, filled with inspiration and power.

Two months of daily grounding literally transformed my patient from an exhausted anxious and despairing woman to a powerful, centered, grounded woman who began uncovering her passion and commitment for the second half of her life. She touched the Earth barefoot or sat right down on it while she read a book for at least 20 minutes every day, and this was enough to change her life.

Grounding to the Earth decreased her hormone swings, made her hot flashes disappear, lifted her mood, increased the quality of her sleep, and comforted her in a way she had never been comforted before. Research and scientific data can explain the anti-aging/anti-inflammatory effects of Earthing on her body and the metabolism boost, blood sugar stabilization, and higher quality sleep she is enjoying. But I know that energetically Earthing goes well beyond what we can measure.

My patient is fortified in a way far beyond just fixing an imbalance or decreasing stress on the body. She has literally reconnected to the Earth and found herself again. She has found her passion, her reason for being, and her future. She is radiant in a way that just a few months ago she would not have thought possible. She has now been able to replace her hormone prescription with Earthing and herbal supplements. She has replaced her sleeping pills with Earthing and nightly meditation. She has replaced her antidepressant with Earthing and finding meaning in her life again. She credits Earthing with getting her life back. I credit her with having the commitment to connect to the Earth and make it a daily routine. I am so impressed with what Earthing has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time and the prescriptions she has been able to stop taking and the joy I hear in her voice when she talks. She is an inspiration to me.


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