What is Earthing? (also called grounding or connection to Earth)

What is Earthing? (also called grounding or connection to Earth)

Earthing, (also known as "grounding" ), is a prolonged contact with the subtle and natural electrical energy of the Earth's surface, resulting in the discovery of major health benefits, including the reduction of inflammation and pain.

Earthing or grounding is as simple as walking or sitting barefoot outside and/or working, relaxing or sleeping inside connected to an Earthing / Grounding system that transfers energy from the earth into the body.

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“In all things of Nature, there is something wonderful”

– Aristote

The healing power of the Earth


Earthing / Grounding research indicates that the surface of the planet Earth has powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stress reducing properties.

The Earth is actually like a gigantic battery that revolves around the sun. And pulsating across the planet's surface, there is an invisible and virtually unlimited reservoir of subatomic particles called electrons. Constantly regenerated and stimulated by the sun, lightning and the molten nucleus, they vibrate at different frequencies and give our lands and oceans a subtle negative charge.

Thus, the natural planetary charge maintains the rhythm and balance of the bioelectrical machinery of global life, for everything that lives on land or in the sea, especially animals and plants. All have a constant electrical connection to the Earth.

Except for most humans.

Over time, and here we note industrialization, lifestyle changes have disconnected us. We rarely walk barefoot outside to freely receive the energy under our feet. We no longer sleep on Earth. Although these practices have always been part of everyday life for most of the history of our civilization, this is now almost no longer the case.

For decades, synthetic-soled shoes have been everywhere - think of the popular plastic and rubber running shoes, which isolate us from energy when we walk or run outside. Many of us live and work above the ground, they are no longer in contact with the ground, the earth...

So to speak, we have lost our electrical roots, and this disconnection is seen as being, according to more than 21 studies on the subject, a grossly neglected cause of chronic human disease that is increasing rapidly around the world.


Grass Earthing Grounding To The Earth Befenits

The explanation of Earthing / Grounding

Just as the sun above us creates vitamin D in our bodies, nature provides the electrical nutrition of the soil under our feet to maintain natural order and healing in the body's bioelectric circuits. In addition, the daily rhythm of the chemical and hormonal cycle in the human body is regulated and maintained by weak electromagnetic signals generated by the electrons of the Earth. The human body is extremely receptive to these signals, which set the rhythm of day-night functions or circadian rhythms.

Research shows that being "grounded", in other words, doing Earthing or connecting to the earth, benefits the body in many ways. The evidence suggests that we need the electrons of the Earth for our well-being. They seem to be, in fact, fundamental to health, representing an essential type of "nutrient" that, if deficient or missing, can cause health problems, just like a deficient vitamin or mineral.

To better understand the principle of Earthing, there is a good analogy to be made with the electrical systems that power our world - from entire cities to the appliances you use in your home. And that's why Earthing, ("grounding" or "connection to earth") is so called. These electrical systems are stabilized by the Earth, meaning that when they are installed, for their proper operation and durability, they are grounded and connected to the Earth by what is commonly called a ground.

Similarly, our bioelectric bodies stabilize when we are anchored and connected to the Earth. This is a vital connection because our bodies work electrically. Indeed, every movement or thought we have is based on frequencies and electrical transmissions in the body. The heart, brain and immune system are obvious examples.

A common experience that people have, when they do Earthing or grounding or connecting to the earth, is to find a fast and broad anti-inflammatory response. And with it, a frequent decrease in pain and discomfort.

So far, no one has ever considered the planet as an anti-inflammatory, but surprisingly, it seems to be the most powerful anti-inflammatory we have. It’s the original anti-inflammatory! The original analgesic! And the effect of this anti-inflammatory that is the planet has massive health implications because of the close link between chronic inflammation and pain and virtually all chronic diseases, including diseases of aging, and the aging process itself.

Want to return to Earth?


For many people who do Earthing, the changes are fast and dramatic, like charging a faulty battery. For others, the changes are gradual and subtle.

Two studies conducted in 2014 and 2015, using sophisticated laser and thermal imaging techniques, demonstrated that grounding, the connection to the earth, for only one hour, improves blood flow to the face. These results suggest better nutrition of facial tissues and functions, and provide a scientific explanation for which many people over the years have told us that they appear younger and healthier after they begin to anchor.

The connection to earth is not really new. It is a rebirth of a timeless practice and a forgotten law of Nature: that we all belong to Nature, and part of the very connection with Nature is our link with Mother Earth.

Source : http://www.earthinginstitute.net/what-is-earthing/

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