Grounding – Earthing and asthma: testimonies of the benefits of connecting to the earth

Here is the testimony of various people who have suffered from asthma and who have seen their condition improve or even heal with Earthing / Grounding.

From a grateful Earthing man

As a life-long severe asthmatic, now 6 months into earthing, it has nearly completely cured me of this disease. I can now breath better than I have in my entire life, well, since I can remember anyway. I used to use my inhaler 3-4 times a day (during a relatively lightly symptomatic time of year) and much more than that (plus antihistamines & ephedrine) during spring and fall when it would get really bad.

Now I use my inhaler maybe once or twice a week, barely even needing it when I do, and some weeks not at all. This spring I barely had any issues at all and I didn’t even think to go on my usual regiment of reactine and ephedrine just to get through it. I was even out bike riding 4 times a week – no issues. Nothing I’ve tried (which has been a lot, like chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbs, spinal network analysis) has had such a substantial curative effect on my asthma.

There are many other benefits I got from earthing with the sheet as well, too numerous to list, and I don’t want to retract from the point of my post here: this has nearly completely cured me of life-long moderate to severe asthma.. 95% improvement without a doubt, and I still seem to be improving. Will there eventually come a day when I won’t use my inhaler anymore, ever? That is quite likely I believe, however, I’ve come so far with this that, way beyond my expectations in fact, that anything more at this point is a bonus.

To anyone reading this, with asthma, or with children with asthma: don’t take my word on this, please try it for yourself and prove it to yourself. You’ll be glad you did, that I’m sure of.
To all those who create and sell earthing products, and to all the researchers who have made it so popular, and of course the man who discovered it: much love, respect, and giant hugs to all of you. Thank you thank you. Namaste and best wishes.

yours gratefully,

Rick M – ON

The oxygen came back with the Earthing / Grounding

MY STORY starts when my brother got an earthing sheet for Dad. His reasons were the touted sleep benefits and circulation improvement. Since I was having sleep problems such as waking up, worrying, and asthma, nights were spent awake, I don’t like taking pills, I thought, why not try It.!

The night the sheet was delivered I installed it across the bottom of my bed so my feet could be in contact. This meant I had to go to bed without socks, a practice that had started because of cold feet at night. I was worried about my feet and legs cramping without them.

I went to bed at my usual time. I could feel a tingling sensation starting at my feet and going up my legs.

Luckily I had no work for two days. I woke up groggy, but, I had slept the whole night. The condition lasted that day, and after the second night it was the same. I was ready to take the sheet off; I had to work the next day. But I decided to continue.

Three nights sleep in a row!! I was starting to feel refreshed.

By the end of the first week, I realized two things had taken place other than a good night’s sleep, 1, with no socks on, my feet and legs had not cramped, they were warm. 2, I had not used my asthma inhaler at night.

After a month sleeping on the sheet I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of me breathing deeply, it felt so good, and I was so relaxed that I went back to sleep immediately . Imagine an asthmatic being able to breathe while lying down. Then, I understood the grogginess and warm feet, and no need of medication, it was OXYGEN. Just like going to the country, where fresh air makes you sleepy. It made sense, grogginess, warm feet and no cramping; OXYGEN was flowing through me, because I was relaxed and breathing.

As I slept well, my dreams came back. Astonishingly, some have been stories. They have a beginning, middle and end, dreamt throughout the night. Some have been so wonderful I wish I had written them down.

Months later, other improvements I see. 1. The varicose veins on the back of my hands and the top of my feet had reduced considerably; in the morning they used to bulge. 2. One finger nail grows undulating from an accident years ago, is now growing flatter all the time. 3. My hair always falling out en mass, now, so very few hairs fall.

It’s been over a year of earthing. I’ve had several nights of restless sleep , maybe five or six, and a few times a vague feeling of a cramping foot, (by placing my foot flat on the sheet the feeling goes away), and the puffer stays in the drawer over night. I would say it has been an excellent experience. I sleep. I feel good.

- Cheryl T | Ontario

I have extended my life by 35 years or more with Earthing / Grounding

A friend of mine showed up one day with a book and said YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! It was one of the best things I ever did.

I suffered from Fibromyalgia, Narcolepsy & Insomnia, Depression, ADHD, and Allergies to nearly everything. I was 31 at the time, a single mother, with 2 young children and I had a difficult time being a mother and I could not work because my body couldn’t handle it. I’m a very ambitious and motivated person so I felt incredibly crippled and debilitated. I did everything I could to hide my pain and discomfort but could not keep appointments and my children missed some school because of my health issues.

I read the book and created my own grounding sheet just like it was described in the book, because I didn’t have much money. It was amazing. I slept for an entire night for the first time in years and my allergies didn’t seem to bother me. I could breathe better. The next night, my daughter was having an asthma attack and I had her lay on the sheet and she was able to get breath faster and her coughing subsided. She was able to sleep without coughing for the first time in months.

Since then, I purchased the earthing starter kit and have the half sheet on my bed. I sleep regularly, function like a normal person, and am no longer on any medication. Best of all, I have started my own company and am using my skills to help thousands of others and I’m doing the things I love. I am able to attend everything with my kids and have them to school on time and don’t miss my own appointments. It’s absolutely incredible. An amazing difference because I seriously thought at the rate my health was declining that I wouldn’t live past 35 and now I can’t see myself dying before 70 or later.

Thank you for this experience and I highly recommend this to EVERYONE!!

- Amy T | Ontario


My son's health has greatly improved with earthing

My 6-year-old old son just encountered his first asthma flare-up since I read your book. I then wrapped him in a grounded sheet for a good 24 hours at the first signs. Amazing. I used his steroids once, begrudgingly, and as usual they make him feel lousy. His entire body reacts poorly to the steroids, and while his breathing may improve, we wind up with unpleasant side effects. I decided to discontinue the steroids and let the sheet take over. In most cases we settle in for a week of illness, but now he was back at school the next day! I’ve been working hard to find ways to deal with his asthma without the use of steroids. Earthing was easy and it made perfect sense to me.”

The grounding mat has helped my asthma

 I was taking 2 puffs twice a day of 2 different asthma inhalers. Normally, if I would miss taking my sprays in 2 or 3 hours I would start to wheeze. Since sleeping on the grounding mat I have been able to go 24 hours without taking either spray and have not had a problem. I haven’t used my peak flow meter in years and was usually at 330. Now I am from 350 to 380. I had an appointment with my asthma doctor who does research and runs a clinic. My breathing test result were better than last year.”


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