Mission – Earthing Vitality (Earthing and Grounding)

Earthing Vitality is the initiative of A Conscious World, a non-profit organization whose mission is to share Consciousness in order to contribute to a better world. The primary reason for this project is to share information about Earthing (grounding to the earth) and all the benefits associated with it. This information must be known to everyone since it is revolutionary and essential!

When visiting Earthing Vitality’s website, you will discover among other things :

  • What is Earthing / Grounding
  • The Benefits of Earth Connection on Physical and Mental Health
  • Why it is important to connect to the earth every day
  • The different ways to connect to the earth
  • Scientific studies on Earthing
  • Testimonials from people who have greatly improved their quality of life thanks to Earthing
  • Other ways to complement Earthing to have more vitality in your life

In closing, we invite you to experience Earthing / Grounding in your life and share all the benefits with others!
Translated from French to English by Google Translation